Legal Statement

The main purpose of Kongzhong Corporation collecting the information about personal identity is to enable the members to get access to Kongzhong’s service more conveniently and satisfactorily. Meanwhile, it’s also easy for us to provide efficient service to you in time. The information to collect on the website of Kongzhong includes name and telephone number. You have the right at any time to refuse any information from us.

Privacy Security

We will take appropriate measures to protect your privacy. Whenever you provide us sensitive information, we will take reasonable steps to protect them. And we will also take rational security means to save your personal information. Unless regulated by law or governmental mandatory provisions, we will not provide your personal information to any unrelated third party (including companies or individuals) without your permission. But, when you require us to provide particular customer supporting service or deliver certain objects to you, we have to provide your name and address to the third party such as transport companies. We will provide the website link of the third party on our website. As we can’t control those websites of the third parties, we advise you to read the confidentiality rules of personal information on those websites.

Privacy Policy

As your privacy right is fundamental to us, the privacy statement released here by Kongzhong Corporation will follow the principles below to administrate the information regarding to privacy.

Whenever Kongzhong identify your identity or contact with you, it will specify the inquiry material that is personal information. Generally, when you register on the website to require to provide special service or game competition, you will be inquired this material. Kongzhong will take some efficient methods to confirm the correctness and validity of your personal information.

Kongzhong website and other necessary service partners use your personal material to operate the website, provide service, inform you of new functions and prudently select the products and service information (usually related to the services on the Kongzhong website itself) from other companies to transfer to you.

Kongzhong will disclose the personal information upon the consent of individuals or permitted by law for the purpose of protecting personal or public security of Kongzhong and its users.

At any time when you think Kongzhong doesn’t follow the principles above, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will do every effort to improve the situation in the reasonable and appropriate range.

The functions of COOKIES

Cookies refer to a technique. They are transferred to your browser from a network server and exist in your computer hard disk. These Cookies aim to record your visit to our website, your personal information, browsing habits, consumption customs and even credit records. The usage of Cookies is for us to get to know which website is popular so that you will be better served when you visit our website. You are assured that Cookies will not track your personal information.

You are welcomed to comment and question on privacy policy of Kongzhong Corporation. We commit ourselves to protect your personal information and do every effort to ensure the security of the information. Due to the development of internet techniques by leaps and bounds, we will update our privacy policy at any time. All the revisions and amendments will be released at this website.

You can send a letter to the following address to request access to or revise the policy: 35 F, Tengda Tower, No. 168 Xiwai Street, Haidian District, Beijing/ Fax: (86-10)88575900/